Selasa, 22 Maret 2011

untittle love story

I Have a soft heart...
dont know why,, maybe cause exactly.. i'm woman haahaa

i know i have done a lot of mistakes
i have done a lot of regrets
those are maybe cause by my mind
my mind is very weak, i'm childish i know

i just have a lots of dream
my dream is so high ,,,,
very high i know
i just want to have a boyfriend.
just imagine, he will be love me
he will be do romantic things
he never let me go
he always beside me
but all of that is only MY IMAGINATION
it's very very absolutely just fiction
there isn't man that can do that things for me

why the man does only like beautiful woman???
why why why?
why the man does only do everything in starting,but in the ending he throws the woman?
why the man does only think about they self,not about woman's heart?
i'm just very sad,
i'm just tired being like this

i know i'm ugly
i know i'm stupid
i know i'm so unlucky

but i'm proud to be myself like this
although there isn't man can love me
it's never mind
i have my own
i just get pray someday There is a man can accept me like this


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