Selasa, 11 November 2008

my review film AYAT AYAT CINTA

Ayat Ayat Cinta (Verses Of Love) was adapted from the best-selling novel by Habiburrahman Al Shirazi about love within the confines of Islam. The film follows the travails of a poor but bright Indonesian student named Fahri (Fedi Nuril), who was given the opportunity to study at Egypt's prestigious Al Azhar University.
In Egypt, Fahri is neighbours with a Christian girl named Maria (Carissa Putri). Fahri's humility and patient nature attracts Maria to the teachings of the Quran.
Then Fahri meets Aisha (Rianti Cartwright) on a train, whose mysterious eyes. He persuades her based on religious rites, which includes attending a taa'ruf (a Muslim custom where potential partners are properly introduced for marriage and witnessed by family members). He also sees Aisha's face for the first time at the taa'ruf which becomes a nerveous situation for him, for the honour of seeing a woman's face lies only with her husband and family members.
With his impromptu marriage to Aisha, the other women in Fahri's life are left shattered, including Maria, his university mate Nurul (Melanie Putria) who also harbours feelings for him, and Noura (Zaskia Adya Mecca), a girl who feels indebted to him for saving her from her abusive father.
Indonesian films are never dry with drama and what followed after his marriage are twists and turns which include a false accusation of rape, as well as the touchy subject of polygamy. Many scenes are too dramatic .The storyline is engaging.
On the other hand, Ayat Ayat Cinta is nothing less than a gorgeous love story with a difference. It plants a good dose of emotional and the anguish of dealing with extremes all while staying very close to the teachings of Islam and how Muslims deal with situations which are sometimes beyond their control. In the end, it all boils down to religion and faith in God. If you've ever wondered or even been curious about Islam, this film is a good place to start learning.

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